Indonesia to demand answers after military chief denied U.S. entry

Indonesia intends to send a diplomatic note to the U.S. secretary of state and summon Washington's deputy ambassador in Jakarta to explain why the head of its military was denied entry to the Unite...

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Roadside bomb kills seven outside Somali capital Mogadishu

A roadside bomb killed at least seven people on Sunday - mostly women farmers - in an area outside the Somali capital dominated by Islamist insurgents who have defied public protests to end years o...

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Exclusive: Returning Rohingya may lose land, crops under Myanmar plans

Rohingya Muslims who return to Myanmar after fleeing to Bangladesh are unlikely to be able to reclaim their land, and may find their crops have been harvested and sold by the government, according ...

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Putin critic Navalny released after 20-day detention

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said on social media on Sunday he had been released from detention after spending around three weeks in jail.

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Missing hikers found dead, locked in an embrace, at Joshua Tree National Park

California couple Rachel Nguyen and Joseph Orbeso went missing three months ago in Joshua Tree National Park. Searchers found them shot dead this week, locked in an embrace, officials say.

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Jimmy Carter interview: Five memorable lines

President Donald Trump may have found an unlikely ally in the presidents' club.

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Iraqi Kurds protest the US amid Kirkuk dispute - CNN Video

A group of Kurds staged a demonstration outside the United States' mission in Erbil, Iraq protesting the central Iraqi government takeover of the Kirkuk province. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.

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Fox gave Bill O'Reilly big contract after $32 million settlement

The $32 million payout to Wiehl is far, far higher than any of the previously known settlements. Two sources confirmed the $32 million figure to CNN on condition of anonymity.

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Fierce firefight as Philippines' toughest urban war down to last building

Philippine troops were locked in an intense urban firefight on Sunday with the last remnants of a pro-Islamic state alliance, as the army sought to declare an end to the country's biggest internal&...

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U.S.-backed militias seize key oil field in east Syria: SDF

U.S.-backed militias said they captured a major oil field in Deir al-Zor province on Sunday, pressing their offensive against Islamic State fighters in eastern Syria.

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Death toll from Malaysia construction site landslide at 11

Eleven foreign workers were killed in a landslide at a construction site in northwest Malaysia on Saturday, authorities said.

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Polls open as Slovenian president runs for his second mandate

Polls opened in the Slovenian presidential election on Sunday with incumbent President Borut Pahor running for his second five-year mandate against eight other candidates.

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